Play a Game of Would You Rather and We'll Guess Which Obscure City You Want to Visit

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About This Quiz

A simple game of "would you rather?" has helped pass the time on long car trips, helped new couples get to know more about their partners and led to both serious contemplation and absurdist comedy. Today, the classic game will be used for something totally different: to decide what obscure city you belong in.

Most of us already have strong feelings on whether we belong in the urban jungle of Tokyo or soaking up the Los Angeles sun. But this game will push us beyond the world's most renowned cities and instead see where we belong in the locations you'd find in Atlas Obscura. With famous cities like London and New York no longer affordable for the average worker without huge lifestyle compromises, these more obscure cities can be a godsend in offering some of the same amenities and characteristics without the bank-busting price tag. 

Answering a question like "Would you rather go sky diving or deep sea diving?" can provide insight on whether you belong in Tarawa, the capital of the tiny island-nation Kiribati, or Jammu, India. So bust out the atlas and get your decision-making hat on, because it is time to play a game of "Would you rather?"

Would you rather be a camel herder or a fruit picker?

Would you rather be the next NBA MVP or win the Formula 1 Grand Prix?

Would you rather date a rugged outdoorsman or a stylish sophisticate?

Would you rather live in a right-wing or left-leaning city?

Would you rather live somewhere that is mostly sunny and hot or somewhere that is mostly overcast with moderate temperature?

Would you rather live in the desert or in the mountains?

Would you rather live in a small tourist town or in a bustling big city?

Would you rather bungee jump off a tall cliff or race horses through the wilderness?

Would you rather eat fresh-caught seafood or a nice French meal?

Would you rather get stung by a jellyfish or chased by a bear?

Would you rather explore the rain forest or explore the Alps?

Would you rather somewhere cheap but isolated or beautiful but expensive?

Would you rather spend time exploring your own country or be able to travel to lots of other countries easily?

Would you rather live in a city with beautiful buildings or beautiful nature?

Would you rather eat a sumptuous Italian feast or a fresh Mexican spread?

Would you rather live by the best beaches or the best skiing in the world?

Would you rather sacrifice your sense of smell or your sense of taste?

Would you rather eat the world's spiciest pepper or the eye of a lamb?

Would you rather go skinny dipping with your close friends in a hidden lake or to a glamorous club with attractive strangers?

Would you rather be wealthy but lonely, or poor with plenty of friends?

Would you rather be a successful Instagram star or a PhD in your chosen field?

Would you rather go to a 3-day rave or a 7-day backpacking trip?

Would you rather run across hot coals or take a jump into the freezing ocean?

Would you rather live in the past or present?

Would you rather be isolated from people you care about or surrounded by people you dislike?

Would you rather live in a small apartment somewhere beautiful, or a big house somewhere ordinary?

Would you rather drive a sports car or a luxury sedan?

Would you rather live indoors or outdoors for the rest of your life?

Would you rather own the car of your dreams or a boat?

Would you rather get a bad sunburn or get caught in the freezing rain?

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