Play a Game of “Would You Rather” and We’ll Guess What American State You Should Move To

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From Alabama and Alaska to Wisconsin and Wyoming, each of America's 50 states offers residents a unique experience. Whether you've lived your entire life in one state or moved around the country, there's no denying the USA has a lot to offer. With 50 states from which to choose, are you sure you're living in the right one? Would you be happier on the East Coast or the West Coast? Perhaps your perfect life is waiting for you in the Midwest! Play a game of "Would You Rather" to reveal what American state you should move to.

Is the Canadian border calling your name, or should you make a beeline for the sunny Gulf Coast? As one of the biggest countries in the world, you have many options for where to live in the United States. No one can blame you for feeling a bit overwhelmed! If you're feeling stagnant in your current life, why not strike out somewhere new? Should it be beautiful Michigan? How about sunny Florida? For the answer, play a game of "Would You Rather." In the end, we'll tell you what American state you should move to. Don't delay: your future life in one of America's best states is waiting!

Of the following, which fruit would you rather eat?

Movie time! Which movie would you rather watch?

Of the following, which color would you rather wear?

You've worked up an appetite. Which food would you rather eat?

Let's get dressed. Which clothing item would you rather wear?

Head outside. In which activity would you rather participate?

Turn the radio up! To which musician or band would you rather listen?

Plan a road trip. Which famous landmark would you rather visit?

In which state capital would you rather live?

Explore the great outdoors! Which national park would you rather visit?

Which sport would you rather watch on TV?

It's Friday night. Which topping would you rather have on your pizza?

Of the following, which animal would you rather see in the wild?

An admirer gives you a bouquet. Which flower would you rather have in it?

On vacation, which natural wonder would you rather visit?

Take a look at these inventions. Which of the following would you rather NOT imagine the world without?

You're thirsty. Which soda would you rather drink?

Of the following fast-growing jobs, which would you rather do?

You can't keep that sweet tooth at bay. Which cookie would you rather eat?

Of the following, which season would you rather live in forever?

You're headed abroad. Which country would you rather visit?

Let's invest. In which company would you rather buy stock?

You get the opportunity to have lunch with a famous person. With which celebrity would you rather dine?

You lost a bet. Which state nickname would you rather have tattooed on your body?

Which of the following numbers would you rather play in the lottery?

Tune in to the Weather Channel. Which type of weather would you rather see on the radar?

Which state would your rather have as a neighbor?

In what part of the country would you rather be located?

You're in the mood for a Netflix binge. Which show would you rather watch?

Trick or treat! Which Halloween candy would you rather eat?

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