Play a Game of Would You Rather and We'll Guess If You're An Oracle

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An Oracle is essentially anyone with insight into things that have yet to happen. Call it psychic powers, prophecy, precognition or what you will. The Oracle sees what is yet to be either clearly or in a confusing, almost cryptic way that needs to be sorted out by whoever seeks to benefit from that knowledge. And surely we've all had those moments when we thought we knew what was going to happen and it did! Or that sense of déjà vu where you're positive you've experienced events around you before. That's a special kind of sixth sense at work. But do you have it? And how can we get to know you enough to tell?

There are 1,001 ways you can get to know another person in life. You can read about them based on what they post in their profile online, you can work in close quarters or attend classes with them. You can become friends and share your innermost thoughts, and of course, you can fall in love. No journey to knowing someone else is ever the same, and that's part of the fun of getting to know people. Do you know what we like? Would You Rather. Play a game with us, and we'll let you know if there's an Oracle hidden in your soul. Take the quiz and see!

It's the first thing in the morning! Would you rather wake up to find your basement flooding or all your windows broken?

Hungry? Would you rather have a pizza smothered in anchovies or one covered in pineapple?

Some days are luckier than others! Would you rather win a new car or a trip around the world?

Your friends just hooked you up with a blind date and it's looking grim. Would you rather your date had bad breath or B.O.?

This one may be the toughest one of all! Would you rather play with a basket of puppies or a basket of kittens?

Let's say you're on a road trip and you're miles from anywhere. Would you rather get a flat tire or run out of gas?

Looks like there's an issue with breakfast. Would you rather have slimy eggs or undercooked sausage?

It's your lucky day! Would you rather find a wish-granting monkey's paw or a leprechaun's pot of gold?

Sometimes nature is unpredictable. Would you rather be bitten on the hand by one pit bull or have your feet chewed on by 20 rats?

The kitchen can be hazardous to your health. Would you rather drink ice-cold orange juice after brushing your teeth or get jalapeno juice in your eye?

How much of a fan of extreme sports are you? Would you rather go skydiving or bungee jumping?

Everyone has to do a job they don't like at some point. Would you rather work an extra hour every night of the week or work a half day on your day off?

How are you at getting along with others? Would you rather have extremely noisy neighbors or nudists who never shut their curtains?

And now a matter of survival. Would you rather drink water from a river or from an open bottle you found on the street?

When it comes to a super fun night, would you rather see your favorite band at a private show or get to attend the red-carpet premiere of a huge new movie?

Time travel in movies almost never works out. Would you rather go back, and get stuck forever, in 1975 or 1875?

Don't forget hygiene! Would you rather only be able to take 5-minute showers for the rest of your life or one-hour baths?

You can't have fun all the time. Would you rather read a 200-page book on the history of accounting or spend two hours watching your friend's wedding video in silence?

Is it possible to get through life without feeling embarrassment? Would you rather discover you'd just been talking to a room full of people with toilet paper hanging out of the back of your pants or chocolate smeared on your face?

How are you at dealing with unfortunate stenches? Would you rather have your car sprayed by a skunk or give someone with bad gas a one-hour ride?

Claustrophobic? Would you rather be trapped on an elevator for an hour or in a dark basement?

The weather can get crazy these days. Would you rather experience a heatwave of over 100 degrees for five days or a five-day blizzard?

There's nothing worse than a restaurant making your food incorrectly. Would you rather only eat overly spicy food for the rest of your life or food that's so bland it has no flavor?

We have a wildlife problem! Would you rather have a sasquatch living nearby or el chupacabra?

Be careful when making dinner! Would you rather cut your fingertip with a kitchen knife or burn your hand on the stove?

How lucky can one person get? Would you rather win a lifetime supply of Taco Bell tacos or McDonald's hamburgers?

Not every house is a home. Would you rather live in an amazing house with the worst roommate ever or in a dump with someone who's super fun?

Ever had a really great vacation? Would you rather get your flight bumped up to first class or your hotel room upgraded to a suite?

This one could drive you mad. Would you rather give up social media forever or any ability to watch TV or movies?

How much do you like a good meal? Would you rather eat nothing but soup for the rest of your life or cereal?

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