Play a Game of Would You Rather and We'll Guess If Your Personality Is More Blonde, Brunette, or Red!

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About This Quiz

Whether you are happy with your current hair color or you are considering a change, this is the perfect game for you! Play a game of Would You Rather with us, and we'll let you know which color is the best match for your personality. Are you a better blonde, red, or brunette? Only the game knows for sure. 

We could ask you a bunch of tedious questions about your hair care routine and the things you usually have done at the salon, but we think that getting people to have fun gets the best responses. When you see our Would You Rather question, go with your gut instinct or with the answer that makes you giggle. Each answer you give us leads us down the road to matching your sparkling personality with the perfect hair color. 

You might be as sassy as a redhead, but would platinum blonde work just as well with your traits? Tell us what you would rather and would rather not do, and you'll lead us to just the right shade for you. Your hair should match your insides and tell the world about you. After this game, you'll know whether it represents you or not! 

Would you rather only be able to wear pink or no polish?

Would you rather work out every day or not at all?

Would you rather have dreadlocks or no hair at all?

Would you rather go on a blind date or never date again?

Would you rather shave your head every week or never cut your hair again?

Would you rather draw your eyebrows on or have none?

Would you rather go without makeup or only purchase drugstore cosmetics?

Would you rather go to the office party in your undies or stay home?

Would you rather meet Taylor Swift or Beyonce for lunch and shopping?

Would you rather do the walk of shame or never drink again?

Would you rather go clubbing or hit the books?

Would you rather go to a nude beach with your parents or your boss?

Would you rather eat sushi or a steak with your fingers?

Would you rather get a daily facial or stop wearing makeup?

Would you rather give a speech at work or stay at home?

Would you rather get a promotion at your current job or change careers?

Would you rather vacation in Alaska or have a staycation?

Would you rather eat an entire cheesecake or cry out your troubles?

Would you rather wear jeggings to a meeting or go with bare legs?

Would you rather get a Brazillian or go au natural on a first date?

Would you rather have a clothing spending spree at Target or Nordstrom?

Would you rather sleep on the couch or on the floor after a wild night out?

Would you rather dye your hair jet black or bright blue?

Would you rather go to a strip club with your parents or be a kid again?

Would you rather wear snow boots or call off work?

Would you rather never dress up for Halloween or wear your costume all year?

Would you rather wear heels or flats to the office every day?

Would you rather have your armpits sugared or stop wearing deodorant?

Would you rather tweeze your legs or let the hair grow free?

Would you rather order subs every day for a year or only eat salad?

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