Plan Your Perfect Wedding and We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign!

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Do you care more about how your cake looks or about how it tastes?

Will you let your parents' tastes inform your wedding decisions, or is this YOUR day?

Do you care about staying within your budget, or are you wearing a T-shirt that says "lol budget"?

Believe it or not, the way you get married has a lot to do with your sun sign. Of course, the ultimate astrological aspect for understanding your love life is the sign and house that your Venus is in, but sun signs can still tell us a lot about what your ideal wedding would be like.

A Pisces might go for beachside nuptials, which Sagittarians are definitely the type to rope their friends into a destination wedding. 

But maybe that's typecasting. If you think your wedding preferences are different from the cliches about your sign, we challenge you to take this quiz! Each question is designed to narrow down your preferences to see if they fit a certain sign's profile, before we take our final guess at what your true sun sign is!

(And if we're wrong, we dare you to check on your Venus sign — we have a funny feeling that it just might match your results.)

Ready to plan your ideal wedding? Let's get started!

What's your bride or groom's sun sign?

What's your bride or groom's moon sign?

What's your bride or groom's rising?

What's your favorite wedding style?

Which adjective best describes your wedding?

What is one adjective to describe your ring?

How big is your wedding?

Who's coming to the wedding?

How big is your budget?

Which would be the best wedding venue?

Which is your ideal reception venue?

Do you make people travel to get to your wedding, or nah?

How involved are your parents with the planning?

What do your wedding invitations look like?

Which of these is a must-have wedding dress feature?

Which of these is an important wedding dress feature?

What would be a cute wedding dress detail?

Who are your bridesmaids or groomsmen?

How invested are you in the registry?

What's a must-have flower for your wedding venue's flower arrangements?

What's a must-have flower for your reception venue's centerpieces?

What's a must-have flower for your bouquet?

What kind of music will you have?

What appetizers are you serving?

What sides are you serving?

What entree are you serving?

What's the cake like?

Do you stay for the entire reception?

Where are you honeymooning?

When and how do you send thank-you cards?

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