Plan Your Perfect Spa Day and We'll Guess How Old You Are!

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Spa day! Were ever two words in the English language more readily guaranteed to make the blood pressure drop, the tension ease, and the lungs expel a big hearty sigh of joy? Never! A spa day is so wonderful; it's nearly as good a day in bed snuggling your boo. It's the expensive version of cuddling a squishy Labrador puppy; one that has been fully house-trained and loves you very much indeed. It's like chocolate ice cream that has no calories but actually has the taste and texture of the real thing. It's nirvana.

Still, the spa is full of options, and everyone uses it differently.  Some people go there to look beautiful, to remove gunk from their pores and dead skin from their epidermis and gnarly parts from various other extremities. Others go to try to remove a knot just under their scapula that they have spent the last forty years creating but only have forty minutes to destroy. Others go because it's the one place you don't have your phone on you, and nobody expects you to be available. They are in direct opposition to those who go to socialize with friends who also like the spa. Generally, how you do it will be radically affected by your age. So let's see how you spa it up, and then we'll guess your age!

What treatment do you do first?

What do you plan to spend?

Who is with you?

How naked are you going to get?

How do you feel about the hot stones?

What manicure do you get?

What's going to happen to the hair on your head?

What about the hair on the rest of you?

Seaweed wrap: yay or nay?

What type of massage are you going to get?

What's going to happen to your skin?

How hard do you want to be pummeled?

What sort of exfoliant are you going to use?

How punctual will you be?

Will you do any talking during the day?

What will you have to hydrate?

They're offering a fish pedicure. Are you into it?

What's the main goal of your visit?

What, if anything, might you bleach?

Are you going to try the milk bath?

How much time will you spend in the sauna?

What day of the week will you go?

How will you get to the spa?

Will you spend any time out of doors?

What snack will you have?

How will you pay for the day?

Where is your ideal spa?

Is there also a gym in the building?

How will you feel when you leave?

Will you buy any products to take home with you?

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