Plan Your Perfect Day and We'll Tell You Where You'll Be in Five Years

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About This Quiz

The premise of this quiz is that one day in your life is going to serve as a microcosm of the bigger picture. The choices you make and the preferences you have are sure to guide us in making some assumptions about what those proclivities will lead to in the future. After all, the future is determined merely by a collection of attempts at living the best day possible along the way.

For example, if you're the kind of person who is extremely physically active and always taking on the next adventure in your life, we'll assume that this trend will continue into the future. We're guessing that you will always be the kind of person who is crossing items off your bucket list and eternally trying the next new thing that comes along. 

For you, life is not about material possessions or accolades, but gathering as many memorable experiences as you can. On the other end of that spectrum, if your ideal day consists of plenty of peace and quiet, we're guessing that you're the kind of person who is striving towards a more simple and serene lifestyle. If you are drawn to meditation, yoga and other mindful activities, then it seems clear that you are on the path that leads to a more balanced and centered life.

Imagine an ideal day in your life. We then encourage you to attempt to experience that day as often as possible over the next five years. Carpe diem.

What time are you getting up in the morning?

Are you taking a shower or a bath?

How much time will you spend getting dressed and ready for the day?

What's the closest to what you'd have for breakfast?

Which morning activity sounds best for your perfect day?

Are you spending the morning alone or with others?

Which beverage fits your morning the best?

Are you at home or on vacation for your perfect day?

Which setting best matches where you'd like to spend the day?

Are you going to be on the phone a lot or will you turn it off on your perfect day?

How will you ideally get to where you're going?

Of the following, which kind of restaurant would you rather eat at for lunch?

Will music be involved in your perfect day?

If you could visit any of the following countries, which would you choose?

Are you going to pack a lot of activity into your day or are you going to take things nice and easy?

Will you be taking pictures or video of your perfect day?

Which midday activity sounds the most appealing to you?

Will you take an afternoon nap on your perfect day?

Will sports play a role in your day?

Do you plan to spend more of your ideal day indoors or outdoors?

Will there be a significant other involved in your perfect day?

Do you have children?

Where would you rather eat dinner?

How will you cap off the night?

Which style of dress best matches your overall plans for the day?

How late are you going to stay out?

Which beverage best matches your perfect day?

What time are you setting your alarm for the next morning?

Which late-night snack sounds most appealing?

Which description best matches your overall day?

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