Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Reveal the Exact Year You'll Get Married

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Wondering if your true love will ever pop the question? Or maybe they already did, and it feels like your wedding date is forever away. The waiting can be distressing, but in the end, you know your wedding day will be worth the wait.

However, planning the actual ceremony can be a doozy of a time. No matter how long you have to make your wedding happen, it will not be enough time. Back up plans will be your best friend, for everything from the floral arrangements to day-of weather problems.

Starting the wedding planning process as early as possible helps prevent a lot of last minute problems! So plan your dream wedding with us! These questions are designed to walk you through almost every adorable detail of your future wedding, from getting ready with your best friends to family brunch the next day. By the time we tell you when you are getting hitched, you'll be prepared to start booking everything from the best caterers and to picture-perfect photographers.

Your perfect day is definitely coming. But when will the wait end? Our quiz will help you find out the truth about when you and your true love will finally be married. 

Which gemstone will be the focus of your perfect engagement ring?

What style of wedding dress have you been dreaming of?

From the options below, which piece of wedding jewelry is essential to your ensemble?

What kind of suits will the groomsmen wear?

Which set of bridesmaid dresses sounds best for your favorite girls?

How do you envision the bridal hair being done?

In your dream wedding, what song plays for the bride's grand entrance?

Which of these colors would you be happy to see in your wedding decor?

Which season do you dream of getting married in?

Do you dream of an indoor or outdoor wedding?

What vibe do you want your venue to have?

What is providing the music for the reception?

What color will your wedding dress be?

Which catered entree do you have to have for your dinner?

Which dessert option is right for your and your new spouse?

What would your ideal table settings be?

Which accent color adds the perfect flair to your dream wedding?

Who has the rings before the officiant asks for them?

Which appetizer station will you dish about for years to come?

How do you feel about family brunch the next morning?

What will your bartender serve your spirited guests?

Which refreshing beverage below would you love to have available for all ages?

What kind of dancing are you dreaming of?

Which of these centerpieces sounds perfect for your reception?

What kind of scenery are you looking for in your dream venue?

Which signature activity would you love to give your wedding major wow factor?

Do you like any of these cute ideas to keep the little ones entertained?

Which of these photography shots is most important to you?

Do you want any cute gifts to give your special family members?

Which of these beautiful bouquets would you carry down the aisle?

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