Plan Your Dream Wedding and We'll Guess If You're Gen X, Baby Boomer or Millennial

Emily Maggrett

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Close your eyes and picture your big day. Where are you? What are you wearing? What is your partner wearing? Who have you invited to come see you get married? Now imagine the reception celebration. What kind of flowers did you use to decorate the reception hall? What kind of centerpieces sit on each table? Is there a band or did you hire a DJ? What's everybody eating? Most importantly: what does the cake look like?

How you see your dream wedding unfolding depends upon several factors, such as your personality, your partner's personality and the generation you come from. We're not saying that every Gen X couple wants a post-punk band to play at their dance-less reception, but whether you were born in 1964 or 1994 will influence your opinions on everything from wedding favors to tablescapes, as well as what you ask for on your registry. After all, most baby boomers already have toasters! Think we're wrong? Why not take this quiz? Even if we can't guess your age correctly, you might just pick up some interesting wedding ideas. Let's play!

First things first: what size will your wedding be?

When will you get married?

Is this your first marriage?

What's the budget for your wedding?

In an ideal world, who would pay for your wedding?

Where will you hold your wedding?

Will your parents be involved with the wedding planning?

Where will you hold the reception?

What will your wedding's theme be?

What will your invitations look like?

What are your wedding's colors?

Who will officiate the ceremony?

What will the dress code be?

What kind of flowers will you have in your bouquet?

What will the wedding dress look like?

What kind of flowers will you have at the wedding venue?

If you have groomsmen, what will they wear?

Will your children take part in the ceremony?

What kind of music will you have during the wedding?

Will any animals be involved in the wedding?

Will you have an open bar?

What kind of flowers will you have at the reception venue?

Will you have a signature cocktail?

What will you serve for dinner?

What kind of centerpieces will you have on the tables?

What kind of music will you have at the reception?

What kind of cake will you have?

What will you ask for on your registry?

When will you send thank-you notes?

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

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