Quiz: Plan the Perfect Wedding and We'll Guess Your Psychological Age
Plan the Perfect Wedding and We'll Guess Your Psychological Age
By: Daisy Rogozinsky
Image: Ariel Skelley / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The age that you are chronologically is one thing, but your psychological age is something else entirely. It refers to the age of your soul, your spirit and behavior. For example, has anybody ever called you immature? Or told you that you were wise beyond your years? They were talking about the age that you act, or your psychological age.

Psychological age can also refer to the age that you personally feel like you are. If you find yourself getting along better with people who are much older or younger than you, it might be an indication of your psychological age. If you feel ready to take on age-appropriate challenges before most people your age, or vice versa, it might be a sign of your psychological age. There are a lot of signs that can be indicative of how old you are spiritually.

So let us know a bit about the details of your dream wedding, and we’ll guess exactly what your psychological age is. We don’t even need to know how old you actually are. Based on all the facets of your perfect wedding: the cake, the dress, the music, the decorations and so on, we’ll be able to tell how old your soul is. Just give it a try!

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What will your dress look like (if you're wearing a dress)?

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Where will you register?

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What will your cake taste like?

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What will you do with your makeup?

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