Plan a Bachelorette Party and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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Planning a bachelorette party whether it is for yourself, a friend or a client can be an extremely stressful process, as not only do you have to keep the bride and everyone else involved happy, you also have to do it under a strict timeline and budget. This special event is meant to commemorate a woman giving up her single life and entering into a committed relationship with the person of their choosing.

Some people like classy soirees,  while some want a quiet night in, and then there are some who want an epic, Hangover movie-like event. There are those who want to have one last time to be naughty, and there are some people who don't even want a bachelorette party. 

How would you plan a bachelorette party? If you were given the opportunity, what would it turn out like? Will it be like a scene straight out of Girls Trip or the movie Bachelorette, or will your guests be falling asleep at the hired "entertainment"? Well not only is this your opportunity to find out, when you're done we'll try to guess what your relationship status is.  Will we get it right? Let's find out!

Where is the party going to start?

If you could have it any of these cities, it would be…

What is the theme of the bachelorette party?

How many people will you be inviting?

What is the budget for the party?

Who helped you plan the party?

What time of year will the party be held?

Which of these colors is the party centered around?

How long will the festivities last?

Where is the first stop on the list of places to go?

How will you be getting from place to place?

Will you be going to a strip club?

Which of these games will you be playing?

Which of these other games is on the list?

Which of these activities would you like to include?

You guys are playing truth or dare. Which of these dares are you most likely to do?

Which of these drinks will your guests be drinking for the night?

What kind of food will you be serving?

Which of these sweet treats will you be handing out?

Which of these naughty things are you expecting?

Is the party going to be family friendly?

Where are people going to stay?

How much bling will your party cup have?

What is your sash going to say?

Will you be giving your guests favors?

Which of these accessories will you be giving your party guests?

Do you want to remember the events that took place the night before?

Do you want any surprises?

Which of these things is most likely to make you angry?

How excited are you for the wedding?

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