Plan an Elaborate Wedding and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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About This Quiz

Wedding bells are ringing! Or at least they will be (even though that might be in the virtual world) for you. We're challenging you to plan the wedding of your dreams, and it doesn't matter if you're already married. Do all the things your budget may have or may not have allowed, and we'll guess your current relationship status. 

Not everyone wants to get married, and that's totally fine. The aim of this quiz is to allow us the chance to guess if you're single, if you've got a boo or if you've got a spouse. We're putting a very fun spin on it by allowing you to plan out your wedding. This includes telling us about your outfit, the venue for the wedding, your wedding party, your signature cocktail, the song you'll choose for your first dance and even about your dream honeymoon!

So, if you're ready to walk down the aisle (on your computer or cellphone,) and you're willing to allow us to guess where you currently stand in your romantic relationships, take this quiz. And even if we get it wrong (which we won't!) you'll have a blast planning a wedding that may or may not end up happening in real life. 

Who is paying for the wedding?

What kind of wedding are you having?

Where are you having your wedding?

What color is the star of the show in your wedding?

Who is going to officiate the ceremony?

What will you wear?

How much will your outfit cost?

How big is your wedding party?

How many guests are you inviting?

What is the wedding band made out of?

What kind of vows will you two say?

How are you planning on kissing your new spouse at the end of the ceremony?

It's cocktail hour, so are the drinks at your wedding free?

If you guys had to have a signature cocktail, what would it be called?

Which of these drinks will be in abundance at your ceremony?

What kind of food are you serving at the reception?

But if you had to choose one dish to serve, what would it be?

Who is giving a speech at your wedding?

Which famous singer would you want to perform at your wedding?

What kind of music are you two going to play?

What's your first dance song?

How many tiers will your wedding cake have?

What's going on top of the cake?

What kind of wedding would you never have?

Let's talk about your honeymoon. Where are you going?

Where are you staying?

How long is the honeymoon going to last?

What are you most looking forward to doing on your honeymoon?

How do you want to feel after your honeymoon?

What do you want for your marriage?

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