Plan a Wizarding Wedding and We'll Guess When You're Destined to Get Married

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Sure, we've all wished that we got our Hogwarts letter in the mail; some of us are still waiting for it. And while we're excited to go to the school and attend classes, it's not all that the magical world has to offer. In fact, one of the best parts of life, magical or otherwise, is saying "I do." While us Muggles don't have the option to include magic (at least the "Harry Potter" kind) in our wedding, we can dream up our very own wizarding wedding, and that's exactly what we want you to do in this quiz. In return, we'll tell you when you'll say "I do," for real. Ready to get started?

Will your wizarding wedding be held under a tent, at Hogsmeade or at Hogwarts? Will the Minister of Magic come bless your union? Will threstrals pull your carriage away when the wedding is done? Will Death Eaters crash the party? Or will ghosts be in attendance (you know Nearly Headless Nick can party the house down)? 

You can go as minimal or as over the top, as you want, it's your wedding after all. So, tell us what you'd do if you had a wand and magical powers, and get ready to find out when you'll get married in the Muggle world. 

What main course will you serve?

How will you get there?

How will guests get there?

What's for pudding (which is what wizards and Brits call dessert)?

How big is the guest list?

Will there be a lot of kids there?

Will you have a horse-drawn carriage?

What will people wear?

Where will the reception be?

Where will the ceremony be?

What's the bride wearing?

How will the bride and groom depart the wedding?

What will grownups drink?

What will kids drink?

What will you do if a Boggart shows up?

Will there be anyone watching out for Dementors?

Will you worry about ghosts or poltergeists showing up?

What music will you have?

Will there be dancing?

Will any animals be allowed?

Will there be any Muggles in attendance?

Will any press cover the event?

What is the overall budget?

Will there be any nonhuman guests like goblins or centaurs?

How will you send invitations?

How will you write invitations?

What centerpieces will you have?

How will you serve the dinner?

How long will the wedding last?

What time of day will it be?

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