Plan a Party and We'll Tell You If You're More of a Flamingo, Peacock or a Swan

Talin Vartanian

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An epic party is a great way to enjoy some food, mingle with guests and celebrate a particular occasion. This could include holidays, birthdays, office parties, or even casual sleepover parties! But if the big party expenses are starting to make you sweat, don't worry. There are many ways to throw an affordable party for you and your guests!

One way to do this is by using "budget decor." These types of decorations can be found in thrift stores, dollar stores, or even in the cabinets of your home! You can also use artificial flowers instead of real ones, as well as colorful balloons to add some flair to your party. Now, what about the food? While there are many catering options from which to choose, this can increase your overall party bill. A great alternative would be a potluck-style dinner or making a few easy dishes that everyone can share, such as one salad, one casserole dish and one simple dessert. Your party personality may also be similar to a specific type of animal. Today we're going to focus on swans, flamingos and peacocks. So if you're curious about the animal with which you're going to get matched, take our party personality quiz right now!

Which of these celebrities is going to be on your guest list?

What type of party is this going to be?

What's your biggest party rule that everyone must follow?

Which of these yummy party treats will you be making for everyone?

What time is the party going to start?

Choose a fun type of gift for the guest goodie bags!

Pick a fun party board game to play with your friends!

How many people are you going to invite to your big party?

Are you planning on dancing at your own party?

Which of these music genres will be playing in the background?

The party doesn't start until everyone is drinking which of these beverages?

How will you send out an RSVP invitation to your guests?

Would you describe this party as more formal or informal?

What type of outfit are you going to wear to your own party?

How would you describe your party personality?

Is this going to be an indoor or an outdoor party?

Will the party take place at your home or at another location?

What do you plan on stuffing a party piñata with?

Which of these party decorations will make your party look more fabulous?

How much money are you going to fit into your party budget?

Who is going to help you clean up after the party is over?

You can't have a party without some cake! What flavor is it going to be?

Are you the type of person who tends to stress out while planning a party?

Who is going to take home all the leftover food?

Which of these beautiful flowers will you be ordering for your party?

Will you be expecting any gifts from your guests?

How do you feel about guests who are late to your party?

Pick one of these party entertainers to hire!

How much time do you need to plan the perfect party?

Which of these Disney movies would make a great party theme?

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