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In 2005, Neil Strauss introduced the public to the secret world of pickup artists (PUAs), who seek to fine-tune their flirting skills to perfection. Do you know how this sexual subculture operates and why controversy surrounds it?

Before devoting his life to developing his pickup artist (PUA) system, Mystery pursued what career field?

Erik von Markovik, better known to the PUA masses as Mystery, was a magician before he became a master of seduction.


In PUA parlance, to "sarge" a woman is to what?

Sarging, or approaching a woman for a conversation, is the cornerstone of pickup artistry.


Tom Cruise's dating self-help character in the 1999 film "Magnolia" is based on what PUA?

Paul Thomas Anderson, who wrote the "Magnolia" screenplay, allegedly modeled Cruise’s jarring character, Frank T.J. Mackey, on Ross Jeffries, author of "How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed."


Down-on-their-dating-luck men who are hoping to hone their PUA skills are called what acronym?

Every man on the PUA journey begins as an AFC, an average frustrated chump.


When a PUA spots an attractive woman, he'll refer to her in code as what?

PUAs are always on the hunt for HBs, or "hot babes."


Neil Strauss, PUA extraordinaire and author of "The Game," has gone by what nickname?

Once he learned the art of seduction from Mystery and other PUAs, he adopted the pickup nickname Style.


How long will a PUA wait before approaching an attractive woman he spots?

According to Mystery's three-second rule, PUAs should approach within the first three seconds of spotting a desirable target.


The first time a PUA speaks to a woman he's interested in, he should toss out a what?

PUAs entice women by initially insulting, or "negging," them. That way, a man doesn't come across as too interested.


Mystery recommends that PUAs-in-training approach how many women in a month?

The Mystery formula for PUA perfection involves going out four nights a week and making 12 approaches per night for a grand total of approximately 200 per month.


Which PUA was arrested in January 2011 for allegedly shooting a woman in the face at a party?

Gunwitch's pugnacious PUA handle implies his signature aggressive style that apparently got violently out of hand.


Which of the following books is on every savvy PUA's nightstand?

Many prominent PUAs frame their tactics in evolutionary theory, and "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins supposedly teaches aspiring PUAs the evolutionary biology basis for why women are attracted to bad boys.


What's an example of "chick crack" that PUAs use to woo romantic targets?

In PUA lingo, "chick crack" refers to disingenuous discussions of spirituality or psychology that are intended to build rapport and trust with women.


The PUA practice of wearing flashy outfits to attract women's attention is referred to as what?

Mystery is a peacocking exemplar, commonly sporting top hats, feather boas and platform boots. Peacocking is intended to outwardly display internal confidence.


Which celebrity has Neil Strauss NOT reportedly seduced?

In his book "The Game," Strauss claims to have seduced ex-Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss and wooed Britney Spears into asking for his number. Neither woman has publicly confirmed his accounts.


The so-called seduction community at large started where in the mid-'90s?

In 1994, Lewis De Payne, a follower of PUA godfather Ross Jeffries, started the Internet seduction group, which spawned related seduction blogs and Web sites. Even today, the community remains connected primarily online.


PUA masters are often skilled in magic tricks, handwriting analysis and what?

Three of the top PUA talents include magic tricks, handwriting analysis and ESP, which supposedly allow men to subconsciously alert women to their sexual charms.


Which of the following is NOT a PUA school of thought?

Ross Jeffries developed the notion of Speed Seduction, which relies on subliminal cues, such as body language and one-liners, to attract women. David DeAngelo promises to "Double Your Dating" with his Cocky Funny technique that combines comedy and arrogance.


A "day2" is PUA-speak for what?

PUAs go to great lengths to avoid monogamous dating constructs. Hence, a date is called a "day2," and a slick PUA always splits the bill with the woman.


A PUA wishing to chat up a new lady should keep his eyes open for what?

Instead of wasting time approaching women who aren't interested, a savvy PUA watches out for AIs, or approach invitations. For example, a woman looking his way would indicate an AI.


Where do PUAs hang out together?

Similar to fraternity houses, PUAs might get together regularly at someone's house or apartment, which would serve as their local seduction lair.


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