Pick Your Theme Song for These Situations and We'll Guess What Kind of Lover You Are!

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According to a 1977 study by John Alan Lee, there are six very different types of lovers! You might think of yourself as more of a "Part Time Lover," or you might think of yourself as the suave Marvin Gaye type, but psychology suggests something different.  It says that you can be classified into one of the following groups of lovers: physical, playful, possessive, unselfish, practical, or compassionate. 

We could ask you about your best moves between the sheets, but we think we will get to know you much better if you spare us the details and pick a song for each of the situations we present to you.  We love music for its ability to represent what we are going through, and it gives a lot of insight into your psychology. 

Have you ever noticed how a song makes you drive faster or makes the tears start to flow? Ever noticed how much better you feel after you belt out your favorite song? Music is powerful, and knowing which songs you would add to the soundtrack of your life, or at least our situations, will tell us what you're like in the boudoir! 

Choose the song that you think would work best for you, and we'll share your psychological love type with you! 

Your best friend goes through a breakup. What Bon Jovi song is playing?

You and your partner argue over dinner: what Beyonce song would be the theme?

You fall asleep while getting lucky: what Lana Del Rey song gently plays?

You burn a special romantic dinner: what song plays?

Your partner is snoring and you can't sleep: what hair metal song is playing?

You can tell your coworker has a crush on you: which Britney Spears song would be the theme?

A secret admirer sends you a gift: which one-hit wonder do you hear?

You think you have met the love of your life: which prom song is the theme?

Which Beatles song would play during the first time with a new lover?

You get drunk at the office party and start dancing: which Prince song would be the theme?

Which Madonna song would play while you try on outfits for a date?

Your date gets too drunk and starts dancing on a table: which Michael Jackson song plays?

You accidentally spill wine on your date: which Elton John song sets the stage?

What romantic song plays while you walk along the beach holding hands?

Which Johnny Cash song plays as someone buys you a drink at the club?

You call in late for work because you have a hangover: which party song plays?

You meet a date's parents for the first time: what Celine Dion song would be the theme?

Which '80s band would provide the theme as you get ready to go out?

Which Guns 'n' Roses song would be the theme to your last breakup?

You invite a date back to your place: which classic rock would be the theme?

You and a new partner move in together: which '90s song plays?

You realize that a crush is already involved with someone: what song plays?

You think your best friend's significant other has a thing for you: which Elvis Presley song is the theme?

Which of the following Ke$ha songs would play as you get ready for work in the morning?

You trip and embarrass yourself in front of someone you have a crush on: which Taylor Swift song plays?

You find out you are expecting a baby: which song by Van Halen plays?

Which Coldplay song would be the theme of you caring for your sick sweetheart?

You accidentally bump into someone you don't like: which metal song plays?

You drop ketchup on your clean white shirt while meeting your date's friends: which Faith Hill song is playing?

You sleep over at a new date's house, but decide to sneak out: which Luke Bryant song is the theme?

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