Pick Your Favorite Country Singers and We'll Guess Your Age

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About This Quiz

This quiz will take you down memory lane to when you were a youth, going to school, learning to drive, having your first kiss ... you get the idea. You'll need to recall what was playing on the radio when you hit some of these milestones. Was it "Coal Miner's Daughter" by Loretta Lynn?  “Hurt” by Johnny Cash?  Or maybe Taylor Swift hadn't crossed over to pop yet, and was singing "Tears On My Guitar". 

What's great about mulling over the songs we've listed as possible answers is that you're guaranteed to expand your playlist. The answers will remind you of songs you haven't listened to in awhile and introduce you to top songs you may want to hear. Once you have answered all the questions to the best of your recollection, we will match your answers to the popular songs of the times and then calculate your age within 5 years. For some, this will be a hard task. Especially when many of the songs listed may be your current favorites (and you would rather choose those songs over the ones you listened to in your youth!) Either way, it "Sure Be Cool if You Did" (Blake Shelton) take this quiz. Do it now!

Which of these powerful women was on the radio or streaming when you were growing up?

Of these popular tunes, which one did you sing the heck out of?

When you were getting your first job, what country music star were you listening to?

Did you dance to the "Boot Scootin' Boogie"?

When you were hanging out at the bars and honky tonks, what song was playing most frequently?

Did you see Charley Pride receive the Entertainer of the Year at the CMAs?

Which one of these songs do you recognize the best from your teenage years?

You're on your first road trip back in the day, what are you listening to?

Did you see Garth Brooks win Entertainer of the Year?

If you were going to have a county music song sung at your wedding, which one would it be?

Which one is your fav of an early age?

Out with friends looking for fun. What song did you turn the volume waaay up?

Which of these songs remind you of your youth?

When Ray Price was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame he said, "Thank you. It’s about time. I was beginning to feel like Susan Lucci.” Who is Susan Lucci?

So many good ones. But according to you, which is the best song from your teenage years?

What's the best song on this list, in your opinion?

Which song hit the top of YOUR chart when you were growing up?

What song were you listening to when you had your first kiss?

Remember when you got your driver's license, what was the song that was playing on the radio?

What were you listening to when it was time to unwind and have some brewskis?

Which song would have been playing during your first relationship?

Austin was one of his award-winning songs. Who is he?

When you were just a kid, how did you listen to country western music?

Which song was always on your lips when you were working around your first apartment?

Think back to your first job, what song would have been playing?

Which one of these songs triggers "before married" memories?

Which song were you listening to when you went out on your first date?

Which one of these song is in your playlist?

Last one! Which of these artists do you like best?

Which of these songs did you prefer when you were growing up?

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