Pick Your Favorite Country Singers and We’ll Guess Where You Grew Up

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While most of us have a place where we were born or raised, often we'll move out to other areas of the country or even the world. Others may stay in the same place their entire lives with no desire of leaving. It's easy to tell where some people are from as well, through things like the words they use or the activities that they enjoy. In this case, your taste in country music is what will give it away to us!

Country music got its beginnings in the early 1900s. Since then, the genre has evolved and has grown to be very popular over the years. Sub-genres include outlaw country, bluegrass and honky-tonk music. Some of the earlier stars of the genre include the Carter family and Hank Williams, who all have descendants that are still making music to this day. As time went on, other legends such as Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson created classic music still known and loved in contemporary times. There are also many new artists on the scene who are keeping the genre alive and carrying on the legacy that came before them.

Do you think we can guess where you're from based on your favorite country artists? Take the quiz to find out!

Which new country artist do you prefer out of the following?

The '00s were filled with country hits! Who is your favorite country artist of the aughts?

There are some legendary bands on the country music scene. Which band is your favorite?

Which country queen do you like most?

'80s time! Who's the best, in your opinion?

In your opinion, which artist has the most classic country song?

Which artist would you most like to meet?

'90s country was like no other. Who's your favorite?

Who do you think is the king of country?

One of these outlaw-country artists must be your favorite! Which one do you choose?

Who's the best '60s country artist?

There are so many great groups that it can be hard to pick just one. Which of the following country groups is your favorite?

Which '50s classic country singer do you like best?

Which artist has the best album, in your opinion?

It's one of the greatest honors in country music to be awarded membership to the Grand Ole Opry. Which member is your favorite?

Which country star who is also an actor is your favorite?

Which country artist who isn't from the United States do you like most?

The '70s was a great era for country! Which singer is your favorite?

Which country artist do you believe deserves a Grammy?

Which country star from a talent show is your favorite?

They called the decade the "Dirty '30s". Which '30s country singer is your favorite?

Of the following, which girl group is your favorite?

Who do you think should be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry that hasn't been yet?

The girls of country music can show you how it's done! Which female country star is your favorite?

Which boy group is your favorite?

Of the following, which star had the best breakout hit?

Many country-music stars had parents who were also stars. Which country star who also had a musician as a parent is your favorite?

Which country star that has transitioned into other genres as well do you like most?

Which male country star is your favorite?

Who is your favorite '40s country singer?

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