Pick Your Favorite Classic Rock Songs and We'll Guess Your Age!


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About This Quiz

Put up your horns and prepare to rock! This quiz is gonna be epic in the way that Led Zeppelin stormed a stage. Let's take a journey through your very favorite classic rock anthems; the songs you turn up to 11 will help us decide how old you are! 

It's true that music is timeless and crosses all age barriers, but we're banking on the fact that we're smart enough to see through your head banging choices and straight to the number of candles on your last birthday cake. 

There's no doubt that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Sweet Leaf" are amazing songs, but which one do you think is more classic? Which one would you choose to play for a friend when you try to turn them on to the forefathers (or mothers) of the rock 'n roll world? Walk this way through our questions, and we will, we will rock you to sleep (if that's what your age requires.)

You might find it easy to air guitar along to this quiz, but remember that you need your fingers for choosing your responses. Just pretend you're the organist for The Doors, and we'll break on through to the other side with your correct age! 

Which Led Zeppelin song do you think rocks the most?

Do you think The Clash qualifies as classic rock?

Which female-fronted band do you like most?

Which classic rock frontman do you think has the best voice?

Which AC/DC song makes you want to party?

Which classic rock band do you think is most influential?

Which Lynyrd Skynyrd song can you sing word for word?

Would you add any Creedence Clearwater Revival to a classic rock playlist?

Do you like Air Supply?

If you were in control of music at a party, which classic rock song would you play more than once?

Which classic rock love song gives you the feels?

Which band do you think has the best body of work?

If you played in a classic rock band, what instrument would you play?

Which decade do you think pumped out the best classic rock?

Which Rolling Stones song do you think defined their career?

Which Nirvana song would you recommend to a classic rock newbie?

Which song would you choose for a road trip mix?

Which 90s band do you think was most epic?

Which hair metal song do you like most?

Which Guns n' Roses song are you most likely to play air guitar along with?

What do you think is the most important part of a good classic rock song?

Do you prefer Aerosmith or The Rolling Stones?

Which Beatles song would you dedicate to your sweetheart?

Which Black Sabbath song do you think is best?

Which Eagles song has the best lyrics?

Which Tom Petty song makes you think of summer?

Which current band do you think will someday be considered classic rock?

Which classic rock band do you think is most overrated?

Which classic rock song do you like the least?

Which classic rock guitarist do you think has the best chops?

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