Pick Your Favorite Candies and We'll Guess Which Part of the US Fits You Best!

By: Amanda Monell
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For many, America is considered a melting pot, where all cultures and people of all races blend and become one unified nation. For others, it is more like a tossed salad, where each race or nationality provides its flavor and culture to the countryside and making our country a better place to live. But if there is one thing Americans are passionate about it is their food.

There's the pizza dispute over whether Chicago or New York has the best pizza: New York's pizza is easily carried and eaten on the run, whereas Chicago pizza has to be savored and usually takes a plate and full silverware set to eat. The fact of the matter is, there are debates over almost every food we have to offer. From cheeseburgers to sodas, and cheese to wine, America has their spins on culinary classics as well as innovations to delight the taste buds.

One of America's more innovative foods is candy. Every year there are numerous expos and shows that highlight the newest, biggest, and sweetest in candy design. Just like pizza, each part of the US has their type of sweet tooth. Do you want to see where you'd fit in based on the candies you eat? Grab some goodies and take this quiz!

Which holiday's candy is the best?

What kind of mint candy is your favorite?

What kind of chocolate is your favorite?

Which of these real but bizarre candy cane flavors would you eat?

What salt water taffy flavor would you eat?

What cinnamon candy is your favorite?

What gummy animal is your favorite?

What brand of mint flavored gum do you like?

Have you ever eaten a candy cigarette?

What Halloween treat do you like the least?

What is your favorite conversation heart message?

What hard candy fruit flavor do you like the most?

Why are jelly beans so yummy?

If you were in the doghouse for forgetting Valentine's Day, what candy would you buy?

Which M&M's flavor is your favorite?

Which Jolly Rancher flavor is your favorite?

What flavor Peep is your favorite?

What caramel filled chocolate bar is your favorite?

What candy bar with nuts is your favorite?

Sometimes candies are used in cookies. Which of these cookies would you eat?

What candy inspired cocktail would you drink?

Jelly Belly makes some of the most outrageous jelly bean flavors out there. Which one is your favorite?

When you go to the movies, what candy do you usually buy?

Are you a fan of Sour Patch Kids?

Which Mike & Ike's flavor is your favorite?

Would you watch "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"?

Sometimes candy companies benefit from product placement in movies. Which of these candies featured in movies would you eat?

Just like "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," the Willy Wonka Candy Factory has created some of the most innovative candy. Which of their candies is your favorite?

Are you a fan of Pixy Stix?

Do you believe that eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda will kill you?

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