Pick Your Favorite '80s Songs and We'll Guess Your Dominant Personality Trait

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Let's go back to the future and cruise through the '80s songs that fill you with nostalgia. We might not be able to take your breath away as easy as Berlin, but we'll be sure you feel like you're living on a prayer by the time we're done. Simply by picking out the '80s songs you like most, we'll know which of your personality traits is more dominant than the others.

From George Michael to Madonna, the '80s were full of innovating and catchy songs. Often hailed as the greatest music decade in history, the '80s utilized a lot of new synthesizer technology. Although danceable music was king back then, there were also a lot great rock hits out there, too. With acts like Bon Jovi and Poison leading the way, the '80s were both exciting and loud.

Let's think back to those songs and artists that you loved back then, and the words you still remember now. After we've figured out your taste in '80s music, we'll be able to figure out which of your personality traits leads the way. Relax! Don't do it - pick the answer you feel best represents your tastes. Are you ready to rock?

Which Madonna song do you like most?

Which Bon Jovi song makes you want to party?

Which George Michael song can you sing along with?

Which Roxette song do you like most?

Which Whitesnake song can you air guitar?

Which '80s dance songs makes you shake your thing?

Which Duran Duran song brings back memories?

Which Van Halen song makes you want to party?

Which Michael Jackson song makes you want to hit the club?

Which Guns 'n Roses song do you crank up?

Which Culture Club song is the coolest?

Which one-hit wonder gets stuck in your head?

Which Poison song gets you amped up?

Which Motley Crue song makes you want to get rowdy?

Which Whitney Houston song would you add to a playlist?

Which New Kids on the Block song did you like most back then?

Which Tears for Fears songs moves you the most?

Which Journey song do you like singing most?

Which Bobby Brown song has the best groove?

Which '80s Bowie song was his best?

Which U2 song do you know best?

Which Bruce Springsteen songs makes you nostalgic?

Which Cyndi Lauper song do you sing loud and proud?

Which Bangles song do you remember best?

Which Ozzy Osbourne song do you know most of the words to?

Which Beastie Boys song can you lip sync?

Which Lionel Ritchie song do you like most?

Which song by The Cars brings back memories?

Which Foreigner song gets you moving?

Which Def Leppard song would you end a playlist with?

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