Quiz: Pick Some Throwback TV Shows and We'll Guess the Year You Were Born
Pick Some Throwback TV Shows and We'll Guess the Year You Were Born
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Television has really evolved over the years. We started out in black and white, and now we have the option to go 3D. Even television shows have evolved over the decades, but has your taste in television shows changed at all? 

In the '60s, color broadcasting became a part of primetime television and shows like That Girl and The Lawrence Welk Show reigned supreme. Of course, it was also the decade when the US landed on the moon, and the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred. Could you have been born then?

By the 2000s, shows like The Bachelor had popped up. Soap operas were more popular than ever, and reality shows were the new best thing. From Survivor to the Apprentice, people were loving the less scripted aspect of TV, which traveled into the 2010 decade. 

If you've been following TV shows and trends for some while, then you'll be able to identify all the shows in our quiz. You'll also be able to choose out of some of the most iconic ones to show us where your tastes lie. So tell us about the kinds of shows you love watching, the comedies, the romances, the Sci-fi ones and even the crime and action ones, and we'll guess the exact year that you were born in. 

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