Pick Some Outfits and We’ll Guess Your Age

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Fashion is fun and colorful, but it can also be very personal and say a lot about who you are. Many people use clothing as a way to reflect their mood and personality, which is a big part of what can make fashion amazing and empowering for people. When you strategically choose your clothes, you can use them to send certain kinds of signals. Different looks are associated with different subcultures, personalities, moods, eras, and identities. Doing something that sounds as simple as changing your shirt or shoes can have an impact on your whole day and how others perceive you! 

So, what does your taste in clothing say about you? Can we guess your age based on your favorite prints, colors, and textures? Will your fashion favorites and fashion pet peeves allow us to guess your age? Will we come close? We will put together some outfits of all different kinds, ranging from the high fashion to the casual and comfy to the super-trendy, and we will guess how old you are. Can your fashion tastes reveal your age? Let us know how you feel about all of these potential outfits and we will do our best to guess your age! 

How do you feel about distressed clothing?

Pair a scarf with a classic tan trench coat:

What top would be more likely to pair with blue jeans?

How do you feel about the velvet trend?

Of these sneaker brands, which would you rather wear?

Would you rock a monochrome look?

Pick your ideal outfit for a black tie event:

How would you style over the knee leopard boots?

How would you style a knee length casual red dress?

What cut of jeans do you prefer?

How short do you like your shorts?

In which way would you style a denim jacket?

How long do you like your coats?

What kind of sunglasses would you wear with an all black outfit?

How would you style a black and white Adidas zip-up sweatshirt?

Which shade of yellow appeals to you most?

Which outfit looks best with sneakers?

What kind of pants would you wear to a nice dinner?

For a first date, which outfit sounds better to you?

Of these necklines, which would you rather wear?

How would you style an oversized T-shirt?

Pick a way to style leopard pants:

What height of boots do you prefer?

As far as leather pieces go, which would you rather have?

Which hat would you get the most use out of with your existing wardrobe?

Pick a statement piece to jazz up a simple all black outfit:

As far as hoop earrings go, which would you rather wear?

If you had to wear something with sequins, which would you choose?

Pick one piece of jewelry to wear with a little black dress:

What shoes go best with an adidas tracksuit?

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