Pick Some Outfits and We’ll Guess Your Age

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About This Quiz

Fashion stylists can be extra, but they can help you slay your look. In this quiz we ask you to be your own fashion stylist and at the end we no joke can guess your age.

The way you match your clothes says a lot about your sense of self and how much you value the opinions of others. At the same time, pushing fashion's limits is what this ever-changing industry def all about. That's where you come in. The style decisions you make affect the direction that the industry takes in more ways than you might think. 

A few years ago, you did so much with the basic t-shirt because you had to. Now the t-shirt is the foundation of just about every outfit on the retail racks. Silk and lace are timeless, but comfortable and convenient cotton gucci too. Dressed-down looks have been promoted to front-and-center status because you prefer to pair casual kicks with dressy skirts and classy slacks, for example. The boldness of your fashion decisions only punctuates the impact of your style influences.

Don't ghost on this quiz, and you'll be shook by how accurate we are.

In a few words, describe t-shirts?

What outfit goes best with sneakers?

The bag that you carry most often is what color?

What shape of sunglasses goes nicely with a bomber jacket?

You expect the weather to turn cooler. What do you grab before heading out the door?

You go to the mall to buy a new pajama top to replace your old one, but there's a wicked jeans sale happening. What do you do?

Shorts, socks and slides: Yass or Nah?

When wearing tweed tops that hover at the hip, what's the best brim size for a hat?

Match a slim khaki pant with a shirt?

Throw a hat in your bag in case it's windy outside. What hat are you picking?

What colors would you rather wear with denim?

Mittens: Yass or Nah?

What type of pant cuff do you sport with ankle boots?

Choose the one fabric for a bag that you wouldn't pair with a business-casual getup?

Do you rock or pass on stripes?

What's your favorite homebody attire?

Hold up your pants with ________?

Should underwear always match?

In less than three seconds, choose the best clearance item?

How fire are destroyed jeans?

What's the best thing to rock with a pair of J's?

Red is a hard color to pull off. How do you do it?

What's the right thing to wear at the beach?

Shirt in or shirt out?

Is there a right way to wear plaid?

When do you wear dungarees?

How do you rock your links?

What would you never wear with tights?

Bougie clothes are best worn with ________?

Name your favorite fatigues for a white t-shirt?

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