Pick Some Baby Names and We'll Guess How Ethical You Are

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Whether you are a proud parent, have fur babies, are a writer, or you went through a huge "Behind The Name" phase in middle school, it's likely that you have done some research into names at some point. We all want to know what our own names mean, and many people choose to change their names for various reasons throughout their lives. However, even if you aren't a name buff, we all have very strong opinions when it comes to names. If someone you know has ever given their child a name you thought was so bad that you almost could not manage to be polite about it, then this is definitely the quiz for you.

Whether you are tired of people naming their kids Jennifer but spelling it "Jenipher," or parents having multiple kids whose names start with the same letter, you definitely have some strong opinions when it comes to names. Here is where you can let them all out. Whether you love classic names or names with a little bit more of a unique flair, let us know. Pick your favorite and least favorite baby names, and we will let you know just how ethical you are! 

Which unisex name do you like best?

Which name do you think best suits a little blonde girl with blue eyes?

Which seasonal name would you be the least likely to choose for a child of your own?

Which of these feminine "S" names is your favorite?

If someone is named Elizabeth, what do you think their middle name should be of these?

Which common men's name do you prefer?

Which nickname do you prefer for the name Samantha?

Some people choose to name their kids after countries. Which do you like the best as a name?

If you had to name your kid after a city, which would you pick?

Are you turned off by names that are too common?

Which Biblical name do you like best?

Of these floral names, which do you like the least?

Which famously wacky celebrity baby name are you the most into?

Of these nature-based names, which do you like best for a girl?

Which hippie name do you like best for a boy?

These are some of the most popular male names in the United States. Which do you like best?

Of the most popular female names in the United States, which do you like the least?

Which unisex French name would you be least likely to choose for a child of your own?

Of these feminine Spanish names, which do you prefer?

Which masculine Finnish name do you like the least?

Of these Disney princesses, who do you think has the most baby name worthy name?

When it comes to Roman mythology, which deity would you rather name a baby boy after?

Which goddess of world myth makes for the best baby name?

Which one of these male names that start with "M" do you like best?

While uncommon, some people name their kids after the months of the year. Which of these months do you think makes the best name?

Are you against names that are misspellings of nouns like "Wynter" and "Januarie"?

If someone's first name is David, which of these middle names do you think fits the best?

What is the best nickname for the name "Johnathan"?

Which more old school name do you like best?

It is becoming more common for people to change the spelling of classic names, for example: turning "Jackson" into "Jaxon." How does that make you feel?

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