Pick From These Baby Names and We'll Tell You Which Disney Character You Are

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Do you remember the very first time you saw a Disney movie? It doesn't even matter what movie it was, it probably made an impression and just swept you up in a style and story that no other film studio has ever managed to really match.  There really is something magical about Disney.  The characters they have brought to life are iconic.  From old-school favorites like Cinderella and Bambi to all of the great Pixar characters in films like "Monsters, Inc." and "Toy Story," it's really hard to choose one single favorite.  It's actually a lot like naming a baby.  How do you choose? What qualities are you looking for? What are you trying to represent?  Are you interested in tradition? Something memorable? Something that conveys meaning?  

We're all in the same boat here, so have no worries.  In fact, we can do you a solid right here.  We'll toss some baby names out and you pick which ones you think are best.  We'll use that information to then scientifically and accurately determine which Disney character matches you to a T.  And hey, if the end result is that you end up naming a baby Pumbaa, then so be it.  We'll all have succeeded quite well here.

Even before you settle on a name, do you think you'd want a unique one or a name from your family history?

The baby comes out with a full head of hair. What are you naming them?

These are four of the most popular girl's names in America. Which one is best?

Some names can seem a little old-fashioned in modern times but are still pretty great. Which name is due for a comeback?

Not every parent thinks about this, but some names are destined to be made fun of by other children. What name would get your child teased most?

If you wanted your baby's name to project some power and dignity, what would you choose from these?

You're having twins! Pick the best pair of names!

If you found yourself moved by Mother Nature, what animal name would you give a baby?

People have been naming babies after precious stones for ages. What stone sounds best?

Lots of names are inspired by the Bible. Which of these rare biblical names do you like most?

Thanks to Shakespeare, many names have become literary icons. What Shakespearean name sounds best?

Nature has no end of inspiration when it comes to names. What tree sounds like the perfect name for a baby?

Is your baby destined for a life on the high seas? Maybe pick a nautical name, then!

You know, they say space is the final frontier. Which spacey name is best for a baby?

Thanks to Thor, Norse names are more popular than ever. Pick the best one.

Celtic names are always pretty popular. What sounds best to you from these old-school names?

People in history did a good job of naming all the flowers. Borrow from their hard work and pick a floral baby name.

If you want a really memorable name, take your inspiration from mythology. What name works best?

Celebrities are sometimes known for going way out into left field when it comes to naming a baby. Which celebrity baby name do you like best?

If you'd had your baby in the Wild West, what name might you have chosen?

If a name is good enough for a city or a country, it's good enough for your baby. What place name is best?

Some names are very much associated with being brainy and studious. Which genius name would be best for a baby?

If you want to set up your baby as a big shot from day one, give them the name of a mythological hero. Pick one!

Ever been inspired to name a baby when you're hungry? Which of these food names is best?

If you'd like your baby to remind you of happy hour, name them after your favorite drink!

If you're a bit of a gear head, you could always name your baby after your favorite car. Pick one!

If you hope your kid will be the next big thing in music, then you need to name them appropriately. Pick the best musical name.

Sometimes picking a name is as simple as picking a color. Which colorful name do you like the most?

Harry Potter is just chock full of weird names. Which one would you give to a baby?

Would you ever give a kid your name and just call them junior?

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