Pick a Word From Each List and We'll Guess What State You Live In

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About This Quiz

Whether you realize it or not, the words that come naturally to you are rooted in the place you live! While some areas call it pop, others call it soda, and each word you use can help us figure out which state you call home. You might not be a native, but you are sure to have picked up a few of the words that are thrown around all the time. 

During this quiz, we have put together a few word lists, and we want you to choose the one you use most. It might feel a little odd to examine the way you speak, but you will be amazed by the way it allows us to figure out your zip code. It might also surprise you to learn what they call your favorite foods in other parts of the country!

Try not to overthink when you make your choice — you want your answers to flow as easily as the way you speak. One or two words might not lead us to your door, but a series of them will tell us your state nickname. Will you get us close, or will we need to remap our word boundaries? 

Do you call it the restroom, the bathroom, the bog, or the head?

Where do you cook your food?

What do you take to the curb: trash, garbage, waste or rubbish?

When something is great, what do you say?

How do you refer to our feline friends?

Is it a sub, a grinder, a hoagie or a torpedo?

How do you usually say goodbye to your friends?

When you greet someone, do you say hello, howdy, hi, or yo?

Do you order a pop, a coke, a soda or a carbonated beverage?

What do they love to eat in Lousiana?

Are they sneakers, trainers, runners or tennis shoes?

Where do you find lots of cars on a large road?

Is the grassy part between the road and the sidewalk called a berm, a bern, a terrace or a verge?

What is the end of the bread called: heel, nose, butt or crust?

What do you use to carry groceries: poke, bag, sack or tote?

How do you change the television channel?

Where do you wash your hands: spigot, faucet, tap or sink?

Do you eat pancakes, flapjacks, flippers or flopovers?

Where do you sit in your living room?

Are they underpants, underwear, panties or skivvies?

Would you order a milkshake, a frappe, a cabinet or a creamshake?

When you sleep, do you use a blanket, duvet, comforter or quilt?

Is it a lantern, a flashlight, a torch or a lamp?

Should ice cream be topped with jimmies, sprinkles, candies or tarts?

What did you call your first apartment?

Would you call an extra space in your home an office, a den, a closet or a playroom?

Do you usually order coffee, java, joe or mud?

Do you usually make casseroles, hotpots, bakes or hotdishes?

Other than "dog," how do you refer to a dog?

What do you call a large portion of cheese?

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