Quiz: The Ultimate Pet Sitters Quiz
The Ultimate Pet Sitters Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Leaving your pet at home while you are traveling saves you the stress of dragging it along. Take this quiz to learn more about hiring a pet sitter.

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A professional pet sitter should be able to provide what?
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What information do you need to provide the sitter with before you leave?
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Which of the following phone numbers should you give to your pet sitter?
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The complexity of looking after you pet while you are away will depend on what?
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What other tasks might a pet sitter do for you?
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How many cats are ambidextrous?
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How much is your pet sitter likely to charge you per visit?
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If you have __ pets, the rates of a pet sitter may be higher.
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Depending on ___ the cost of a pet sitter may differ.
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What is the best way to interview a prospective pet sitter?
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What should you ask a prospective sitter for?
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How is an agreement usually made between you and most professional sitters?
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What would a good pet sitter give you when you return from your trip?
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