Quiz: Ultimate Pest Control Quiz
Ultimate Pest Control Quiz
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All of us have to deal with pest control at some point -- whether it's ants in the kitchen, aphids in the garden or roaches in the bathroom. But you don't have to go all toxic on the little buggers -- there are kinder, gentler ways to eradicate them.

Ants apparently don't like cucumber, especially bitter cucumber, so you can put some slices of it around problem areas.

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What's a plant that I can put in my backyard to repel mosquitoes?

Thai lemongrass contains citronella, so some of that might do the trick.

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What's an effective cockroach killer?

Cockroaches like high places, so you can put boric acid on top of cabinets or other lofty perches.

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Give me another cockroach killer. I hate those things.

You can kill cockroaches with a squirt of soapy water. Fun!

Fleas don't like citrus, so you can pour boiling water over a sliced lemon, let it cool overnight and then sponge your dog with it.

Here's that soapy water again -- so useful! It dehydrates aphids by removing their protective coating.

Cayenne pepper is said to do the trick on squirrels -- you can sprinkle it on the leaves or spray cayenne juice on the ground around the plants.

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My garden is infested with slimy slugs. What's an easy way to kill them?

Apparently, slugs love beer. If you put out some small bowls filled with beer, the slugs will flock to them at night and drown.

When certain combinations of different plants are put side-by-side, one of the plants can act to repel pests from the other. One might release a scent that discourages bugs on the other, for example.

African marigolds (which are actually from Mexico) are often planted with fruits and vegetables because the flowers attract hoverflies, which eat pesky aphids off the fruit and vegetable plants.

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