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Periungual warts, warts found near your finger and toenails, are far from desirable. Learn how to treat them with our warts quiz.

How many types of warts are there?

There are five different types of warts.


Which is not a type of wart?

Common, plantar, flat, filiform and periungual are types of warts. Cutis anserina is also known as goose bumps.


Where do periungual warts grow?

Periungual warts grow near the nail beds on your hands and feet.


What virus causes periungual warts?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts.


What do periungual warts look like?

Periungual warts are raised, rough and cauliflower-like bumps.


True or false: Periungual warts are non-cancerous and are treatable.

True. Periungual warts are benign and easily treated.


How does HPV enter the body?

Cuts and abrasions are an open door to the virus (we're looking at you, nail biters).


Which of the following is not a treatment for warts?

All of these are wart treatments.


True or false: Stress may cause warts.

True. It's not just physical contact that causes warts; it's suspected stress may cause them, too.


Which of the following might occur if a periungual wart is left untreated?

All of these complications may occur if a wart is left untreated.


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