Quiz: The Ultimate Pepper Spray Quiz
The Ultimate Pepper Spray Quiz
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If you are being attacked by an assailant or a vicious dog, pepper spray can be a life saver. Take this quiz to learn more about pepper spray.

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When did law enforcement bodies start to use pepper spray?
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Why would an individual want to use pepper spray?
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What is the main component of pepper spray?
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Which of these are true about capsaicin, the active compound in pepper spray?
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What are the three spray patterns of aerosol canisters?
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What do pepper sprays have to prevent accidental triggering of the spray?
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Pepper spray contains the oil oleoresin capsicum. What is the best method of washing it off?
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You have your own personal pepper spray on hand to fend off attack. What should you carry with you in case of an accident?
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According to U.S. law, what is the position regarding carrying pepper spray for personal use?
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In which country do you need a legal permit to carry your own pepper spray?
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What is the price range for a small can of pepper spray?
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