Quiz: People With a Good Color Memory Should Be Able to Pass This Popular Logo Quiz
People With a Good Color Memory Should Be Able to Pass This Popular Logo Quiz
By: Olivia C
Image: Starbucks

About This Quiz

Are you brand-conscious? Do you have brand loyalty? Then we're sure it will be very easy for you to ace this quiz!

Brands have their famous logos, of course. And these logos are designed in a way that will represent a brand's image, integrity, and identity. But more than that, these logos also stand for the company's ideals, values, and principles. Yes, that might sound like such a huge deal to put in a "simple" logo design, but it's actually not.

See, the logo is what will represent the company and its specific brand. If they're not represented well, then it will be such a waste to have people remember their name only. The graphics will always be an added attraction and visual for people to remember them by. People are mostly visual in thinking. That's why branding like this works. And the most popular and successful companies know this, all too well.

Thus, it's no surprise that in designing the logo, the color has to be decided as well. Colors come with their own psychology and emotion, therefore it is necessary to have people feel something whenever they see such brand logos.

So, are you familiar with the colors of these very popular world brand logos? Then take the quiz and (color) chart away!

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Have a cuppa, and guess the main color dominant in Starbucks' logo. Can you tell?
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Apple's shape is obvious, but what color is the logo?
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Fizz up and tell us the main color dominant in Coca-Cola's trademark logo.
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FedEx's two tandem logo colors are ______________.
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'Like' if you know Facebook's logo color. What is it?
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Shell's red outline in the logo houses which other color?
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Dunkin’ Donuts has orange in its logo, but what's the other dominant color?
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Microsoft's logo features three primary colors and this secondary color. What is it?
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Samsung's white font is enclosed in an oval of this color.
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McDonald’s logo is called 'The Golden Arches," but what is the color of those arches?
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What are the three colors of the iconic Pepsi logo?
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What's the color of the crown in Rolex's logo?
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Google has one secondary color in its logo, but what are the three primary colors in it?
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Can you name at least two of the six colors in the NBC logo?
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What is the color of the popular Levi's tab?
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Mastercard's circle logos are what colors?
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What's the color of the Lacoste croc?
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National Geographic's famous magazine-shaped logo is what color?
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What colors shade the four quadrants in BMW's logo?
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What color is the arrow in Amazon.com's logo?
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IBM's logo style is shaded in only one color. What is it?
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Nike's swoosh logo is now shaded in which color?
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What is Android's color?
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This Twitter bird chirps in what color?
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Lego's logo is outlined by two thin colors. What are they?
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Ford's dominant color in its logo is ____________.
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What are the three yummy colors in Baskin Robbins' logo?
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Ferrari's coat of arms logo design is shaded in which predominant primary color?
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The number 7 is colored red and orange, but what's the color of Eleven in the logo?
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The CNN logo is what color?
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What's the color of the Burger King buns in the logo?
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The 'O' in Mobil is what color?
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What's the color of the apple in this Fruit of the Loom logo?
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Nintendo's main color is what?
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What's the inner shield's color in WB's logo?
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SUB is yellow, and WAY is what color?
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HP has this dominant color in its logo. What is it?
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Visa might have changed its logo design lately, but these two colors remain. What are they?
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What's the color of the Walmart asterisk?
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The three diamonds in Mitsubishi's logo is shaded in what color?
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