Quiz: The Ultimate Pelican Bill vs. Belly Quiz
The Ultimate Pelican Bill vs. Belly Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

The pelican is an awkward looking bird with an incredibly long bill and a pouch. Take this quiz to find our more about that curious pouch and how it's used.

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What is the most distinctive feature of the pelican?
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How many species of pelicans are there?
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On which continent do pelicans not live?
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What distinguishes pelicans from other species of bird?
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What is the hook at the end of the upper mandible (jaw) used for?
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After scooping up fish, what does the pelican have to do before eating?
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Which pelican has the largest bill?
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Which has a greater capacity, the pouch or stomach?
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What caused some species of pelicans in the U.S. to dwindle?
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Where does the pelican store excess food?
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