Quiz: Name That Part of Speech Quiz
Name That Part of Speech Quiz
By: Staff
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If you've been out of grammar school for a while, the thought of irregular verbs and subordinate conjunctions might throw you for a loop. Dust off those sentence diagramming skills, and take a crack at our parts of speech quiz.

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Don has been up and ABOUT since the kids woke him up at 6 a.m.
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The table, WHICH weighed 300 pounds, was difficult to remove from the house.
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I have been WRITING this quiz for three hours now.
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I SHOULD HAVE been walking my dogs instead.
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Or maybe I should have BEEN doing laundry.
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I WAS also thinking about eating lunch.
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WHO forgot to put the top on the peanut butter jar?
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That's the guy WHO stole my phone!
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You're staying home tonight, and that's that. No IFS, ands or buts.
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You're staying home tonight, and that's that. No ifs, ands OR buts.
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I am SO excited about the party!
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I was hungry, SO I ate a snack.
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If you want to have a snack, please do SO before dinner.
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Say it ain't SO!
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SO you decided to come after all!
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WHEN did you say the kids are supposed to go to bed?
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Please clear your place WHEN you're finished eating.
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I see A wallet over there, but I'm not sure if it's yours.
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We get paid twice A month.
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CRYING exhausted the baby, so he fell asleep.
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The CRYING baby soon became exhausted and fell asleep.
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You can run IF your knee feels better.
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Whatever you do, do NOT enter that room!
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She really looks LIKE her mother.
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The cost will be more LIKE $200.
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We drove more than A THOUSAND miles to California.
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We went THERE to see the elephants.
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You take it from HERE — I'm too tired.
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I'm not crying BECAUSE I'm sad; I'm just happy to see you.
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