Quiz: 'Parks and Recreation': The Pawnee Quiz
'Parks and Recreation': The Pawnee Quiz
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With the exception of Springfield, the fictional town of Pawnee in "Parks and Recreation" is probably the most well fleshed-out TV location ever. How much do you know about the people, places and fairly shameful history of Pawnee?

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Where is Pawnee?
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The people of the Wamapoke tribe were the first inhabitants of the Pawnee area. What were they known for?
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Pawnee Lutheran was the town's first church. What is it now?
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Which Pawnee institution burned twice during the "fire period" of 1916-22?
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The City Hall mural called "Sunday Boxing" depicted a woman being punched out by …
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The "Turnbill Mansion Wedding" mural sounds nice, but what does it actually depict?
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What's Pawnee's twin city?
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Which animals cause the most problems in Pawnee?
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What's the name of Pawnee's gay bar?
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What's the name of the bar of which Donna and Tom are part owners?
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What substance was accidentally invented in Pawnee?
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Who was the mayor of Pawnee from 1994 to 2017?
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Who served 10 terms as mayor after Gunderson died?
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Who played Walter Gunderson?
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What's the name of Pawnee's strip club?
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Where does Leslie get her waffles?
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Where does Ron do his grocery shopping?
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What's the No. 1 cause of death for Pawnee law enforcement officials?
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What's the best-selling item at Paunch Burger?
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Finish this slogan: If you can't beat 'em, _________!
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Which of the following is NOT a TV show starring Perd Hapley?
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What local personality's home is filled with erotic paintings … of herself?
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What is one occupation that Pawneeans have absolutely no respect for?
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