Quiz: Take the Risk: Play Our Parker Brothers Games Quiz
Take the Risk: Play Our Parker Brothers Games Quiz
By: Staff
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This company has published all manner of famous games, including Monopoly, Risk and Sorry. How much do you know about Parker Brothers games?

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In which country did Risk first appear?
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How many pieces must you send to the home location on the board in order to win Aggravation?
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In what year did Parker Brothers get into the Ouija board market?
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From how many different games could you select on Merlin, an electronic handheld game?
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When was Merlin first sold?
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How many pawns does each player start with in Sorry?
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Which board game is based on an ancient cross and circle game?
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What was a reason that Parker Brothers first introduced Rook cards in 1906?
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The Landlord's Game eventually became which game?
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Camelot resembles which game?
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In how many countries is Scrabble sold?
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"It's Never the Same Game Twice!" was the slogan for which game?
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Monopoly was supposed to teach a lesson about what?
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What do players have to do during a game of Pictionary?
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On average, how long does it take to play a regular game of Monopoly to completion?
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In which game does a character named "Mr. Boddy" appear?
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What was the original name of Camelot?
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In what year was Scrabble first published?
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What's the goal of the Mystery Mansion board game?
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A special edition of Monopoly was created to provide support for which group?
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How long does an average LONG game of Risk take to complete?
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What happens if someone successfully challenges a word that you play in Scrabble?"
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In which country was Clue developed?
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Older versions of Monopoly have how much total fake cash?
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How many continents are there in the war game Risk?
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What is NOT a category in Pictionary?
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What happens if a players lands on an opponent's marble during a game of Aggravation?
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Acronyms are allowed in Scrabble.
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What do players try to do in Mastermind?
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What must a player do before opening a treasure chest in Mystery Mansion?
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