Quiz: The Ultimate Panic Room Quiz
The Ultimate Panic Room Quiz
By: Staff
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What is a panic room for? If you're familiar with the dangers of hurricane, home invasion, nuclear war or domestic violence, you won't be surprised to learn that panic rooms are increasingly seen as "safe points," allowing occupants time to take stock and call the emergency services. Don't panic, but take this quiz to learn more about panic rooms.

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What is another name for panic room?
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What else, aside from people, can you keep safe in a panic room?
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What is the recommended location for the construction of a panic room?
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If panic rooms are supposed to hide their occupants, what is one of their best defenses?
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What sort of locks are common for panic room doors?
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A lot of panic rooms have their own generators. What should you be aware of regarding them?
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When constructing your home, it is a good idea to plan a panic room into the design. If so, what should you have the architect sign?
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It seems that almost every new mansion in _____ has a panic room.
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What historical incident prompted more and more middle-income families to invest in panic rooms?
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Ancient Egypt had safe rooms within the pyramids to protect the pharaohs' treasures. During what period in later history were safe rooms used to protect living people?
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In the United States in the 1920s, what did they use hidden rooms for?
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What were the first safe rooms for weather protection?
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