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Going on a road trip with your family? Want to make the experience at least slightly bearable? Take our quiz and get some great ideas for entertainment, snacks and efficient packing.

How should <i>heavy</i> luggage be placed in the trunk of a car?

Heavy luggage should be placed as far forward and as close to the floor as possible. This keeps the center of gravity low, the pressure off the wheels and stops the car from getting too top heavy.


How should luggage be stacked if there is no trunk?

If there is no trunk, items should not be piled too high, because the driver needs to be able to see out the back window. Lighter items should be placed atop bigger items, but tied securely, so they don't go flying if the driver stops suddenly.


Where should people who get car sick be seated?

People who are prone to car sickness should be seated in a place where they can see out the front window; meaning the closer to the front, the better.


How much additional luggage does a roof rack carry?

A roof racks allows a car to carry an extra 75 to 250 pounds. Just be aware that with a roof rack your car may not fit into an underground parking lot and you are more vulnerable to theft.


What should you have in a roadside emergency kit?

Even though you should have your car checked and serviced before setting out on a road trip, it is possible emergencies will happen. So have a roadside emergency kit containing: a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, tire gauge, flares, auto club membership card, flashlight and jumper cables.


What are good food ideas to take along with you?

Stay clear of sugary or salty snacks foods, as they will give short-lived power boosts and cause hyperactivity and thirst. Go for nutritious choices like cut fruit, trail mix and pretzels.


What is the best choice of drinks to take along?

Bottled water or juice boxes with straws are a good option, because there is less of a chance of spills. Freezing the water bottles keeps them cold and takes longer for them to finish.


What is the most popular coastal drive in the world?

According to Budget Travel Magazine, Australia's Great Ocean Road is the most popular coastal drive in the world. Italy's Amalfi Coast ranks second, and California's Pacific Coast Highway ranks third.


What is a better entertainment alternative than singing "99 bottles of beer"?

Today, to keep those kids occupied on a road trip, you'll need a bunch of DVDs. Some SUVs come with DVD players; if your car doesn't you can buy a player with monitors that attach to the headrests.


Why is an iPad a good idea to take along?

An iPad is a good idea because it can double as your GPS. Once you've exhausted all other options, you can rely on those good old traditional games like "I spy" and "20 questions."


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