Pack for a Holiday and We'll Tell You Exactly How British You Are

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There's a saying that comes from India: Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. Britons have gone everywhere in the world, from the Amazon to Hawaii, and from the North Pole to the South Pole! Britons' travel practices are a peculiar mixture of habits born of the unique climate of the British Isles, and the preparedness for travel that comes with a cultural inheritance that includes going everywhere.

Of course, this scenario conjures images of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay summiting Mount Everest, or Ernest Shackleton sailing to Antarctica. What is much more likely is a family of five flying to Orlando, Florida for a vacation at a theme resort, or a hen night in Ibiza. Still, the old travel habits are in the cultural DNA and they will emerge in anyone with enough exposure to British culture. Even the choice of destination, given the right circumstances, says something about one's Britishness, after all, despite the amount of rain in the UK, the country boasts more convertibles per capita than any country in the world!

From pith-helmet-wearing adventurers to expats who go fully native, the British travel style stands out from all others. Do you wonder how British you are? Take this quiz, tell us about your travel habits, and we'll tell you how British you are!

What do you pack first?

What sort of hat would you bring for a night out on the town?

Will you bring any of your favorite local snacks, just so you don't get homesick?

Will you bring a special phone?

How many adapters do you have?

What sort of library are you bringing?

Will you need a guidebook?

What type of luggage will you bring?

What must you pack in your carry-on bag?

Other than your phone, do you bring any electronic devices to stay connected?

What do you bring to take photographs?

Do you bring anything in which to write, like a notebook or loose paper?

What writing instrument do you bring with you?

Did you include a phrasebook?

What sort of timepiece do you bring on your trip, for wearing every day?

What sort of tools do you bring for navigation purposes?

How many surplus pairs of socks do you pack for your trip?

Assuming your trip isn't explicitly for an event that calls for formal clothing, what is the smartest style of clothing that you pack?

What manner of footwear would you bring for visits to a swimming pool, or similar body of water?

What type of hat would you bring for spending extended periods outside in the sun?

What style of shoe would you wear for when you need to do a lot of walking, but want to look fashionable?

How much work do you bring with you?

What sort of medicine would you pack in your luggage?

What tokens might you bring to give as gifts to your hosts?

The sun is in every country! What SPF sunscreen would you pack?

How do you plan to fend off insects?

What tools for clothing care would you pack in your luggage?

What game item would you pack for your trip, to keep busy during downtime?

What not strictly necessary toiletry can't you be without?

What do you pack in case of precipitation?

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