Quiz: The Ultimate Oyster Quiz
The Ultimate Oyster Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Oysters is along with squids and octopuses is are an ancient delicacy. They live short lives along the floor of the ocean throughout the world. Take this quiz and learn more about this interesting sea creature.

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Oysters are related to:
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Humans have been eating oysters since:
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What color are oyster shells?
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Oyster shells are made out of:
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What keeps an oyster shell closed?
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What is the purpose of an oyster's gills?
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What does an oyster lack?
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Which of the following is a predator for the oyster?
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Overfishing and water pollution has resulted in:
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What do oysters eat?
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How old are oysters when they are harvested by fisherman?
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What type of oysters have deep-cupped shells?
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How can you tell the age of an oyster?
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Where in the world are oysters cultivated?
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How are canned oysters cooked?
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