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You probably never give much thought to the workings of your gas or electric range and oven until it breaks. Believe it or not, they're pretty easy to repair. Take our quiz to see if you could perform some simple oven repairs on your own.

What should you do before starting any repair work on a gas range or oven?

Before starting any repair work on a gas range or oven, make sure you completely disconnect it from the power and gas supply and also turn off the gas supply.


When a gas range or oven malfunctions, what is a likely cause ?

Most breakdowns involving your gas range or oven have to do with the supply and ignition of gas in the burners.


What should be your first step when taking apart a gas range?

Your first step when disassembling a gas range is to remove the screws that hold the panels and take off the control knobs. In some cases, you might need to use an Allen wrench or screwdriver.


How can you remove the oven door of your gas range?

Most oven doors can be easily removed just by pulling it straight up and off the hinges. Some door hinges have a latch that must be released before the door can be removed.


What should you do if you smell gas in your home?

If you smell gas in your home, go outside as fast as you can and then call the gas company or fire department. Do not try to turn off the gas from inside the home.


If your oven doesn't heat evenly, what door part might be faulty?

Check the door gasket. A defective gasket lets heat escape the oven chamber.


How should you check for a defective door gasket on your gas range?

To test for a defective door gasket, move your hand around the door while the oven is turned on. If you feel heat escaping, replace the gasket with a new one.


What is the best implement to clean clogged burners on a gas range?

Clean clogged gas burners using a mild detergent solution and a needle to clear the gas ports. Make sure you let them dry thoroughly before using.


What's the best thing to do if your oven setting control malfunctions?

Your best bet is to replace the faulty oven setting control with a new one.


If the oven thermostat malfunctions, what is the best way to fix it?

If your oven heats unevenly or not at all, the thermostat might be at fault. Recalibrating it or replacing it are both reasonable solutions.


What's the best way to fix the timer on your gas range?

If your range timer appears faulty, call a professional for testing. He or she will decide whether it can be fixed or needs replacing.


What color should the flame of a gas range burner be?

The flame of gas range burners should have a light blue tip and be steady, quiet and slightly rounded. It should react easily to any adjustments you make with the control knob.


What does a yellow gas flame indicate?

If the flame on your gas range is yellow, it's not receiving enough air. If it's very high or making a loud noise, it's getting too much air.


What is the best way to adjust a pilot light on your gas range?

To adjust the pilot flame, simply turn the pilot adjustment screw on the gas line. The ideal pilot flame should be blue and even.


Which type of self-cleaning oven uses very high temperatures to burn away food deposits?

Pyrolytic ovens use temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees F (538 degrees C) to burn off food stuck on the oven's surface. Just wipe the surface with a soft rag to remove the ash that's left behind.


What is the first step in a pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle?

At the start of the self-cleaning cycle, the oven door automatically locks as a safety precaution.


Why are electric ovens and ranges becoming popular with consumers?

Electric ovens and ranges are growing in popularity because they are easy to repair. Most repairs involve simply replacing a faulty part.


What is the most likely part of an electric range to malfunction?

The oven and broiler heating elements are the most likely parts of an electric oven to break.


Before you spend time taking apart an electric range, what should you always do first?

Before you go to the trouble of taking apart your electric range, check to make sure it is receiving power.


What do modern gas and electric ranges and ovens have in common?

Newer model gas and electric ranges and ovens are straightforward to use, easy to repair and simple to take apart.


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