Quiz: Outrageous Home Design Quiz
Outrageous Home Design Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Not everybody is conservative when it comes to home design. In fact, some of us are downright wacky. Take this outrageous home design quiz to find out how your taste ranks.

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What celebrity home for sale has been the most expensive on the market to date?
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The most expensive home theater system in the world was built by a Connecticut man named Jeremy Kepnis. How much money did he sink into it?
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How many square feet is the world's largest tree house?
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Elvis Presley was no stranger to outrageous home design. How long were his custom-made white couch and coffee table?
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The late Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch was world famous for outrageous items and design. Which of the following would you not spot there?
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The infamous Playboy Mansion is what style of architecture?
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A home in Oakland, Calif., that was sold in 2010 for more than $1 million is made from what unique material?
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For just $4,200, the specialty store Born Rich will sell you an office desk made out of what?
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How much money would you have to throw down in order to buy a Vividus mattress, the priciest in the world?
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The infamous Silver Tag Shower is computer controlled and has 18 shower heads. How much money would you need for this kind of luxury?
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