Quiz: What should you include in your Outdoor Living Space?

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Extend your living space by going outside. Knowing the right setup for your outdoor furniture may help you create social areas. Take this quiz to see how much you know about optimizing your outdoor living spaces.

When creating outdoor living spaces, what decorating principle should you apply?

Design your outdoor living and entertainting spaces just like you would your living room.


Which indoor activity is best suited for outdoors?

During mild weather, you can do most everything outdoors that you normally do indoors.


How can you set apart the entertaining areas of your yard?

Enclosing your entertaining area or giving it a floor may help separate this space from the rest of your outdoor area.


Pergolas enclose an area while letting in lots of _________.

Pergolas create an enclosed space while still letting in plenty of sunshine and fresh air.


What type of material is appropriate for an outdoor floor?

Brick, cement, gravel are all good choices for a long-lasting outdoor floor.


Which of the following is NOT a good source for outdoor cooking appliances?

You can find a large selection of outdoor appliances at your local home improvement stores, as well as online. And while you might be able to find a few outdoor appliances at a thrift store, there's no guarantee the appliances will work.


Why can't you use your old living room sofa in an outdoor space?

All kinds of weather may quickly deteriorate your old living room sofa. For best results, purchase outdoor furniture that has been weatherproofed.


It is safe to use electronics outdoors?

Most electronics are safe to use outdoors as long as they're protected from the elements. If you want to watch TV outside, consider a model with an antiglare screen.


Which of the following is NOT a good tip for protecting outdoor furniture from freezing weather?

To prevent mold, mildew and water stains, remove any wet spots.


What is an easy way to warm up your outdoor space?

On cool evenings, a fire pit is an easy way to warm up an outdoor space.


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