Quiz: The Ultimate Orthodontics for Kids Quiz
The Ultimate Orthodontics for Kids Quiz
By: Staff
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If you've got a mouthful of crooked, mismatched chompers, don't fret. You're not alone, and this quiz will help you figure out how to get that straight, beautiful smile of your dreams.

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What does malocclusion mean?
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When did people start wearing braces?
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Edward Angle is known as the father of modern orthodontics. When did he practice?
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How many years of school must students complete after their undergraduate degree to get an orthodontics degree?
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At what age should children first see an orthodontist?
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About what percentage of orthodontics patients are adults?
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If you're seeing an orthodontist, about how often will you have appointments?
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True or False: If your orthodontist recommends braces, you'll be a wearing them for at least a year.
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True or False: Orthodontic treatment helps lower your risk of gum disease.
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About how much should you expect to pay for a full orthodontics treatment for a child?
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