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Forget zombies and vampires — the true terror lies where science meets fiction. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of cult favorite "Orphan Black."

What year did "Orphan Black" premiere?

The BBC America sci-fi series launched with a 10-episode run in 2013.


Which of these topics does the series explore?

The series explores the concept of cloning and the ethical and moral issues surrounding this branch of science.


What is the name of the woman at the heart of the series?

Poor orphan Sarah Manning steps into a world of trouble when she assumes a dead woman's identity.


Whose life does Sarah take over in the first episode of the series?

After watching police officer Beth jump in front of a train, Sarah realizes that she looks enough like the dead woman to assume her identity.


What is the name of Sarah's daughter?

When the series opens, viewers learn that Sarah has lost custody of her 8-year-old daughter, Kira.


What is the name of Sarah's identical twin?

Sarah soon learns that she has an identical twin named Helena, who was raised in a harsh environment in the Ukraine.


What company owns the Dyad Institute?

Topside Corp. owns the mysterious Dyad Institute, an organization responsible for cloning research.


Which of the clones was raised by Dyad?

Rachel is the only one of the clones who knew of her status as she was growing up, because her parents gave her to Dyad when she was just a child.


Which of the clones was a member of the Proletheans?

Angry over her upbringing, Helena was a Prolethean until she met Sarah and changed her ways.


What is the name of Sarah's brother?

Felix Dawkins is Sarah's foster brother and her closest confidant and friend.


What makes Sarah unique?

Sarah is a mystery because she is the only known clone who has a biological child.


What mysterious project is behind the female clone line?

Dyad's Project Leda is responsible for the female clone line — but out of the entire line, only Rachel initially knows she's a clone.


What is the name of the male cloning project?

The goal of Project Castor is to create a line of male clones for the military.


Who are the people assigned to oversee the clones?

Dyad picks a person to act as a monitor for each clone, but even the monitors don't know about the cloning project.


What is the name of Henrik Johanssen's daughter?

Henrik Johanssen is such an extremist that he is willing to experiment on his own daughter, implanting fertilized eggs in Gracie as part of his research.


How does Helena refer to her fellow clones?

Helena refers to the other female clones as "<i>sestra,"</i> a Slavic word for sister.


Which of the clones was a doctoral candidate?

Cosima was working towards a doctorate before dropping out to study the clone biology.


Which clone is married to Donnie?

Alison is married to Donnie and is the adoptive mother to Gemma and Oscar. She works hard to keep up appearances to cover up her addictions and crimes.


Who is Beth's partner on the police force?

Art Bell is kicked off the police force for investigating Beth's death too intensely but eventually gets reinstated.


Who is the head of Dyad when the series begins?

Famed Neolutionist Dr. Aldous Leekie heads up the cloning and evolution work at Dyad.


Who does Sarah think has kidnapped Kira in the season two opener?

Sarah believes that Rachel has kidnapped both Kira and Mrs. S when season two kicks off.


Who tells Sarah that she is a clone?

Sarah already suspects something strange is going on when Alison spills the beans that both women are clones.


What book holds the secrets to cloning?

Ethan Duncan pens the secrets to the cloning project in a copy of "The Island of Dr. Moreau."


Who replaces Dr. Leekie as head of Dyad after his death?

The brilliant Delphine replaces Leekie as director of clone research at Dyad.


Who is the genetic original for the clones?

Kendall Malone, estranged mother to Mrs. S, provided the original genetic material for both the male and female clones.


Which of the clones uses a sheep mask as a disguise?

M.K. lives off the grid and wears a sheep mask to conceal her face when she heads out in public.


Who kills Dr. Leekie?

Donnie Hendrix, who is Alison's husband and monitor, accidentally kills Dr. Leekie.


Who was Beth's monitor before her death?

Paul was Beth's monitor but takes over as Sarah's monitor during season two.


What clone was born two decades after Sarah and her line of clone sisters?

Young Charlotte is born 20 years after the other clones and has a serious illness caused by cloning.


Which of the original clones has a serious illness?

Cosima has a genetic illness that could take her life, so she works furiously to study both cloning and her condition in an effort to find a cure.


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