Quiz: Quiz: Origins of Popular Traditions
Quiz: Origins of Popular Traditions
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We know what to do, but why do we do it? Many of today's popular traditions are based in acts and tales from long ago. Test your knowledge of some of these traditions' origins with this quiz!

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Ancient Roman birthday candles were used to make a cake glow like the moon and carry wishes skyward to which goddess?
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The traditional birthstones were first used on which of the following?
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Which of the following people claimed to have invented the high-five while playing basketball for Michigan State?
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In 1952, brothers Pete and Jerry Cusimano threw which ocean animal onto the ice of a Detroit Red Wings game?
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Which of the following ancient cultures used mistletoe to promote fertility in sheep?
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We wave lighters (and now cell phones) during rock concert power ballads. Were did this tradition start?
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