Quiz: The Ultimate Organizing a Pantry Quiz
The Ultimate Organizing a Pantry Quiz
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"Where's the peanut butter? Has anyone seen the crackers?" Do these questions sound familiar in your household? If so, you may be a candidate for organizing your pantry. Get yourself organized by taking this quiz.

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If you have to hunt through your pantry to find an item, it's time to:
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Which of these are basic principles of organizing a pantry, regardless of your method?
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What is a side benefit of storing food in airtight containers?
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What is the first step in organizing the pantry, regardless of your method?
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Which items should you put in the harder-to-reach areas?
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How long do sugar and similar dry goods usually last for?
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Canned food can last for at least two years in many cases. What is important to check before opening an old can?
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Having stackable containers means that you can:
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Stair-step shelves in a pantry can be likened to:
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When did Earl Silas Tupper introduce Tupperware to the market?
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