Quiz: The Ultimate Organizing a Home Office Quiz
The Ultimate Organizing a Home Office Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

When most people think of clutter, they envision a messy, disorganized office. You keep a multitude of stuff in a home office, everything from the family computer to your bills and receipts. Take this quiz and learn some simple ways you can organize your home office.

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Who needs an organized home office?
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What is a benefit of keeping your clutter at bay?
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What areas of your home office may need organization?
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Disorganization can lead to:
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How much do businesses lose each year as a result of disorganization?
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Over the course of your life, how much time do you lose because of disorganization?
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What is a great tool that you should buy to help with organization?
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Why should you avoid placing your computer on the floor?
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Your computer desk should come equipped with?
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It's important to keep wires out of harms way. What should you do with your electronic wires in your home office?
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What kitchen device is useful for office organization?
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What office supplies will you need for sorting through files?
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What should you do before you purchase a new office desk?
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Besides an office desk, what over type of office furniture can greatly help with organization?
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