Order a Coffee and We'll Tell You Which Celebrity Mom You Are

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If you think that celebrity moms are different from regular people, think again! They drink coffee just like everybody else, and some of them aren't even afraid of walking into their local Starbucks for something like a "cold brew" coffee drink. But how much do you actually know about coffee? Let's go through some quick coffee terms to help prepare you for this roasted personality quiz!

When ordering a coffee drink, it's important to understand what kind of flavor profile you're seeking. This is often determined by the coffee roast, and there are several of them to choose from. Light roasts are acidic, medium roasts are bitter with a "full body" and dark roasts have an oily and slightly spicy taste to them. And if you need something even stronger, how about choosing a double roast or an espresso? You could also add various shots of espresso (depending on how much caffeine you need) to your favorite coffee drink, or simply sip on it by itself. It's also important to think about how sweet you want it to be. Will some simple cream and sugar do the trick or do you want to completely mask the coffee flavor altogether? Tell us more about your coffee preferences so we can match your inner personality to a celebrity mom!

Where will you be heading to for some delicious coffee?

What % of your coffee is actually sugar (or some form of sweetener)?

What type of coffee size do you typically order?

Whether it's light or dark, we're curious about the type of roast that you're going to order!

How many shots of espresso do you want in your coffee drink?

Do you prefer hot coffee, blended drinks or iced coffee?

There are many ways to brew some coffee, but what's your preferred method?

Which of these strong coffee drinks would wake you up for the day?

Let's take a trip around the world with one of these foreign coffee drinks!

Which of these flavored syrups would you like to add to your coffee drink?

Is it better to add milk or heavy whipping cream to your favorite coffee drink?

How often do you like to try new types of coffee drinks?

Christmas has come early this year, so how about choosing one of these holiday coffee drinks for yourself?

Is it better to make your own coffee or buy one from a coffee shop?

How many cups of coffee do you typically drink per day?

Be honest here: Is instant coffee the real deal or is it a culprit in disguise?

Which of these do you prefer more: whole bean or pre-ground coffee?

Choose one of these yummy snacks to pair with your favorite coffee drink!

If you like secrets, then you'll love one of these secret menu coffee drinks from Starbucks!

There are lots of great things about coffee, but what do you like the most about it?

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want a unicorn frappuccino right about now?

Aside from coffee, what else do you like to order at coffee shops?

Believe it or not, spicy coffee drinks do exist! But the question is, how spicy would you like your coffee?

How do you personally feel about decaffeinated coffee?

Which of these types of milks would you like to add to your coffee drink?

Is it better to drink some coffee early in the morning or later in the afternoon?

Choose a coffee brand that you personally feel loyal to!

How does coffee make you feel after that first sip?

Will you be ordering your favorite coffee drink for here or to go?

Would you like to try one of our matcha-flavored coffee drinks?

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