Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We'll Guess Your Astrological Sign

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According to astrology, where the stars and planets were at the time of your birth has a direct effect on your personality, your moods and your very fate in this lifetime.  You fall into a category that governs your destiny, your astrological sign, and knowing about it can help inform and guide you as you get through life.  Some people don't believe in it at all, some just a little and others are 100% behind the idea in every way.  But wherever you fall on that scale, one thing is for certain - lunch at Olive Garden is a good deal.

Now you may not be fully sure how Olive Garden and astrology link up, but hear us out.  If the stars can be used to guide your fate, is it not possible that pasta and unlimited salad can be used to learn about your astrological sign?  It's like reverse engineering your zodiac.  If the stars shape your personality which in turn shapes your desire for marinara sauce or Alfredo, then surely your desire for marinara sauce or Alfredo can be walked all the way back to the stars, right?  It almost makes too much sense.  In any event, if you give us the rundown of your Olive Garden favorites, we will 100% be able to guess your astrological sign when you're done.  Amazing?  Take the quiz and see!

Olive Garden is where you go when you want a big meal because they have those unlimited options. What unlimited choice is the one you want most?

If you have an unlimited number of breadsticks, how do you plan on enjoying them?

Olive Garden offers up a few kinds of soup. Which one are you most likely to try?

What's your biggest reason for going to Olive Garden?

One of the best ideas a cook ever had was stuffing one food inside of another. What stuffed item sounds best?

You can order something right off the menu or design your own pasta dish at Olive Garden. What kind of pasta would you use in yours?

You can hardly make your own pasta bowl without sauce. What kind of sauce will you pick?

No pasta dish is complete without adding some toppings, right? What will you add?

If you're in the mood for a bit of seafood, what might you order?

Do you like chicken? Sure you do! What's the best chicken option at Olive Garden?

If you're in the market for some beefy goodness, Olive Garden can help you out. What would you order?

Garlic is one of the all-time great seasonings. What garlic-infused dish sounds best?

Can you even make Italian food without Parmesan cheese? It doesn't matter, pick your Parmesan favorite.

Sometimes you feel like starting your meal with an appetizer. Which one of these would you like to try?

Astrology is very concerned with numbers. Order your food by the numbers!

Melty, delicious cheese is never a bad thing. What kind of cheese dish tempts you the most?

Sometimes you want to stick to just veggies. Which vegetable-based dish is the most delicious?

Lasagna is one of the most delicious Italian dishes of all. Olive Garden has a few plays on lasagna, which do you like the sound of?

Tortellini and ravioli are fun types of pasta with little surprises inside. Which one do you want?

Just because Olive Garden is all about pasta doesn't mean you still can't have potatoes. What potato item sounds best?

If you're a fan of shellfish, then Olive Garden can keep you satisfied. Which one of these is best?

After dinner, you should indulge in some dessert. What sounds best?

If you hit up Olive Garden for lunch, you could snag a breadstick sandwich. Pick the best one!

If you want to go a little more authentic, there's the Taste of the Mediterranean menu. What sounds best?

Don't be afraid of Alfredo! Pick the best kind.

No one's judging you if you have a cocktail with your dinner. How about some sangria?

Maybe an after-dinner drink is what you crave. Pick a dessert cocktail.

If you're not drinking alcohol, you can still get a frosty, fun drink. What would you like?

You could eat healthy at Olive Garden if you wanted to, or you could pick the best fried food of these four.

For $300, Olive Garden will sell you a year-long "Never-Ending Pasta Pass." All the pasta you can eat, all year long. Worth it?

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